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by Sam Richards on January 30, 2015. Updated April 15, 2015

STOP wasting your monies on weightloss plans until you have read this detailed comparison, and fully understood what are your options, and which one REALLY works?

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2015 is here and many of us will have begun our NY resolutions but unfortunately a lot of women seeking to get fit are often misled in the supplement and health industry. Companies release products all of the time encouraging you to buy the latest ‘craze’, yet more often than not these products do not deliver the results they promise. One must be aware that there are methods out there work, but none are a miracle cure for losing weight, you must incorporate determination, correct nutrition and exercise first, only then will they work.

Whether losing baby weight, getting ready for a competition or starting a New Year resolution, we are here to help you decide which supplements are worth your hard earned money, under the microscope today is the Venus Factor Program.

What Is the Venus Factor System?

Some of you are probably asking what the Venus Factor Program is and wondering about the efficacy level. The company claims it is a healthy way for women to gain and maintain a slender physique by burning body fat efficiently.  The image below is the creator’s definition the system:

The program contains a scheduled exercise and nutritional plan that can be customized into individual needs. So regardless of fitness levels or current lifestyle, you should be able to adapt to this.

Modern technology makes fitness a lot more accessible in today’s society, you can download the Venus Factor Custom app, giving you access to the entire program whilst on the move; so if you are a busy bee and always on the move this is a cool bonus feature. If being part of a community suits one’s needs for moral support and inspiration, you can network with other participants and support each other along the way in the Venus Fitness Program community.

Where Did This Program Come From?

The company behind the program is a globally recognized international health and wellness organization, it is actually nice to see a company in this industry address exercise and nutrition before promoting supplementation. (a common problem)

The man at the forefront of the Venus Factor program is John Barban, the brains behind FatLossFactor for men. He has now developed a program suited to women that claims to be just as effective.

John Barban has a Master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition, he then went on to teach exercise physiology at the University of Florida. Many people who release fitness guides do not have an impressive resume like John, which has taken him many places over the past few years. He has worked for leading supplement companies as a consultant for over 8 years, having a big say in developing weight loss products.

To back up John’s claims, The Venus Factor System claims to have undergone countless research on individuals to back up the efficay of the system, offering a plethora of evidence and testimonials to back up their claims.

How It Works?

As mentioned previously, the foundation of the Venus Factor Program aims at helping women help themselves to create a healthy lifestyle, not offering miracles but a tool they can adapt to their current situation. For those who are not very learned about health and fitness, the custom software provided gives guidelines on how to create a well-balanced regimen. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ method; and they have clearly shown their understanding of this.

The software guidelines contain meal plans, calorie counting tips and more. The company are actually quite accessible to and happy to answer any customer queries.

Client Customization:

The Venus Factor Program takes in to account specific details including height, age, bodyweight, fitness levels and daily activity. Many diets and fitness gurus offer the same solution for many different people, which is wrong because everybody is different and we all respond in different ways.

The next step of designing the Venus Factor workout plan, which is created using the data obtained from the custom nutrition plan and takes into account the woman’s overall fitness level.

There are plenty of instructional videos detailing the muscle groups targeted in each exercise as well as how to perform them correctly, you can even talk to fellow participants by using the Venus Factor custom mobile app to share your experiences, concerns or to ask a question.

What Are Real People Saying About the Venus Factor?

Whilst there are plenty of reviews of the Venus Factor out there, you must remember that the disclaimer on the company website specifically states that results will vary between each individual; so it is important to keep an open mind when reading about what others have to say about this program. Most reviews on the Venus Factor will state that the program also offers a full 100% money back guarantee and they give you up to 60 days to decide whether you want to continue with the program or if you want to request a refund.

Customer Testimonials:

“I just did three months as a test drive and the results blew me away, I completely changed my body and my whole life… After doing the Venus program I realized that before I was doing almost everything wrong and way too complicated.
– Roberta Saum. (Testimony from company website)

 “I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way… After a month, I saw dramatic results… I feel healthier, more energetic and I feel like a different person… you owe it to yourself to try it”
– CB Lucky (Testimony from online video)

“My weight has always been an issue for me… I never felt confident… I tried every possible diet but it never really worked… I did lots of research on the internet and finally came across the Venus Factor…the product was at a very good price so I decided to buy it… Today I am so happy and I still can’t believe the results I’ve obtained… I learned by dieting and starving myself I had been slowing my metabolism in the past… Now I can still eat the things which I love and have the body that I have now… I really think that this is a great nutrition plan for women and I definitely recommend it to anyone”
– Kira (Testimony from online video)

Let’s Discuss the Results!

Based on the reviews on Venus Factor, this program may seem like the ultimate answer to every woman’s desire to lose weight, but it isn’t without its disadvantages as the nutrition aspect of the program is not as structured as it should be. In order for you to achieve the best possible results, you will need to abide by the program’s meal and workout plan 100% of the time which isn’t such a good thing if you prefer to have more flexibility.

One also must wonder why their specific diet is more effective than one offered by any other personal training service. We never hear about bad testimonials as the company would not share this, but admittedly it is hard to find any bad press on the Venus Factor Program.

That being said, the Venus diet program has its own definition of how a healthy woman should look like, which may or may not be exactly what you are trying to achieve. More information can be obtained from the Venus Factor book or the Venus Factor PDF as well.

What Else You Should Know About The Program?

Based on the Venus Factor reviews, it is quite evident that this program requires every participant to be highly dedicated in eating what is recommended and doing the exercises, which is why you need to first determine your level of commitment before you purchase this program.  With any fitness goals, dedication is required regardless of whether you use this program or not!

The Venus Factor program is tailored towards individuals, which is why it is important that you participate in the online community that can be accessed through the Venus Factor custom mobile app, as it can be a reliable source for motivation especially during the times when you feel like you’re ready to give up.

Women love camaraderie so seeing others progress could inspire some healthy competition in you to keep trying. Based on the many Venus Factor weight loss reviews that are out there, the great news is that the exercises in the program do not require you to have a fully equipped home gym; all you will need is some free space.

Before you commit yourself, it is important that you first watch the introductory video on the Venus Factor main page to fully understand what this program is, how it works and most importantly what it requires from you. Then you can compare this with our thoughts and make your own decision.

Advice on Buying:

Where can this program be purchased:

From the official Venus Factor website.


You can buy the Venus Factor program for only $47

What you will get:

The program includes the following items:-


  • The Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System:   
    This is the MAIN manual.   This book explains how to understand different food types, calorie contents and things to avoid.   This includes the Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide.


  • 12-week Fat Burning & Muscle-Toning Workout:
    This is your ultimate guide to reshaping your body in just 12 weeks which can be done at home or in the gym. For easy accessibility, this can all be found any time online.
  • Workout Videos:
    143 premium videos, that include coaching lessons, and advance tricks & tips to maximize your gains.   Most real users have referred to these as their personal trainer.
  • Virtual Nutrition Guide:
    This software application can be downloaded and will help personalize your goals, specific needs and guidelines.  Everything from your height, weight, age to waist line. This will set you realistic targets and help keep track of all your progress. Probably the best part of this package in our opinion.
  • Venus Immersion:
    This is a community of real women, who are starting out just like you now, or masters of this program.  You can post questions, which they all take pride in answering.    The creator also helps out here with advice and insider tips, coaching calls.   You can also download podcasts, so can hear other peoples stories which could help encourage you to do the same.  With regular updates and a Venus Community, one can find constant support.

All of the above claims to be broken into 2 phases, the first is to shed body-fat and the second phase is to build a toned, feminine physique.


Yes, 100% 60 day money back guarantee for everyone who purchases this program

Any Billing Schedules?

None as you are billed only once for the entire program

Accepted Payment Methods:

Credit cards, debit cards and PayPal

Any Coupons or Discounts?

There are no voucher or discount codes available at the moment but there exists a secret link which grants you access to the 7-day trial for just $9.95 and if you’re happy to continue after the period is up, you will be billed once for the remaining $37. You can get access to the trial at the following link: Venus Factor 7-Day Trial

How does it fare in comparison to other brands?

The Venus Factor program is a lot cheaper than its competitors, so is good for those on a budget, promising realistic results unlike some brands. They have no surprise charges and it seems to be a risk free trial.

Our Verdict – Does It Really Work?

At this point you’re probably wondering, “does the Venus Factor really work?”, considering the amount of research that has gone into creating the Venus Factor program, there is concrete evidence that it is indeed effective in helping women achieve their weight loss goals, but it does require participants to be fully committed to it right from the start for the best chance at achieving the results they desire.

The program is not suitable for everybody despite their claims, if you are 100% motivated it will work but if you get bored easily this is not for you. The money back guarantee will give you enough time to decide if it is what you want, with nothing to really lose upon purchase and 60 days is a realistic amount of time to see results.

Approach with determination, good luck.


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