Announcement: Paleo Recipe Book Review – Will It Work For Me?

by Sam Richards on March 31, 2015. Updated April 13, 2015

The Paleo recipe book has taken the world by storm, with some great things being said by the users and experts alike. Before going into the details of the usefulness of the book and understanding the advantages, let’s start by understanding the diet program.

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Despite the endless diet charts and fads out there, the Paleo diet has managed to reach the right places, is because that it doesn’t aim to be a temporary weight-loss idea. Apart from main course choices, you will find Paleo snacks worth indulging. Check this Paleo recipe book review to understand more.

What Is The Paleo Recipe Book?

The Paleo Recipe Book is designed to use the advantages of the Paleo diet, which is basically about following the lifestyle and diet recommendations promoting the consumption of food that was once the staple of human ancestors back in the Paleolithic Period.

Backed by evidence, proof and science, the diet has been covered in this book as a complete process, where you have over 370 recipes that are intended to easy to cook and healthy for the body. The book promotes natural living with the amazing recipes avoiding the foods introduced in the agricultural revolution.

Unlike many others, this is the best Paleo book that offers ‘week by week’ plan with recipes that are simple enough to be cooked and included in daily diet. Needless to mention, for people who are looking to change their way of life and lead the life that ancestors had, this is a great book to begin with.

Where Did This Program Come From?

The book comes from the much famed and acclaimed Paleo diet, and probably you can found endless best Paleo recipe books, but strangely none works like this one. This is mainly because the book follows the diet at best than most others.

Basically, the Paleo diet is recognized as one of the healthiest ways to eat, because it works in line with the genetics, keeping us strong, lean and extremely energetic. Most of the modern known diseases is because of sugar, processed foods, refined diet, and with Paleo diet, everything gets back with the nature.

The book also follows the same concept, where there are endless new and exciting Paleo recipes, intended to help you lead a more nutritious life. What you finally get in the book is a list of 372 recipes across 18 categories that are genuinely checked and enlisted for anyone to follow.

There are also Paleo recipes for kids, which means you can ensure the next generation is eating healthy from the start. The program of Paleo food comes with evidence, and the book follows the main staple requirements to the core.

Lets Discuss The Results?

Well, with endless diets and crash courses to lose weight and better lifestyle, it seems tough to decide whether the Paleo diet and this book will actually work. Strangely, for every person who has tried the recipes from this book and followed the diet chart to the core, the results have been more than phenomenal. The book has recipes that don’t take huge time to be made and works in the way that the diet is designed.

In short, the results are very varied but always on the positive side. Followers of the book have seen a huge decrease in the obesity elements, and since this is all about gluten-free diet, there are never any side effects. For those who keep on counting calories all around the day, this book ensures that the eating habits are right, and therefore, one never needs to ever count the calories.

This brings us to the question on why you would never get fat when you are on this book and diet. The reason is simple- You just eat nutritious and filling foods, which means you never overeat or indulge. However, that doesn’t mean sacrificing the taste, because most of the recipes are high on nutrition and flavor alike, which means you are dieting without even trying hard.

What Are Real People Saying About The Paleo Recipe Book?

The miraculous and positive response of people and followers towards the book is a clean indicator that the work has paid off.

Many people have followed the book and found the diet to be extremely great for their weight loss and healthy lifestyle choices.

 Absolutely Awesome. Only been two weeks, and my wife and I are down 10 pounds each. Appreciate the s    implicity of the meals and the ease of preparation. Really enjoy the variety,” Scott Fortney. (Testimony from  company website).

 “Love the wide variety of recipes. Most ingredients available in Australia. Photos very appealing. Book well    organized. Best Paleo book I own, Thank you,” Tony Lampard. . (Testimony from company website).

How Does It Work?

The book, as mentioned, is designed on the Paleo diet. The focus is to eat as per the genetics and avoid the foods that are a result of the agricultural revolution. Quite obvious, the book offers recipes that are calculated and in complete sync with the basics of this diet. The recipes in the book use the most common elements of the Paleo diet, such as veggies, fruits, seafood, seeds, nuts and healthy fats. The book also avoids all the unwanted things that must be avoided in this diet, including grains, dairy, processed sugars, refined foods and starches, and alcohol.

Since you are not busy counting what you eat and are eating healthy, it is pretty natural to get good nutrition and avoid the chances of getting fat. The book offers ample choices to those who are relying on dairy and grains, ensuring that even when they cannot cut out grains, they have better choices that can soon become a complete diet. In short, if you don’t have the option but to eat dairy, the recipes will still come handy, since every meal replaced with a Paleo recipe is a step towards success.

What Format Is The Book?

The book is available instantly as an eBook, and can be viewed on Android, Kindle, iPhone, Mac, PC and iPad devices, which means users can access it anytime they want.

What Else Should You Know About the Paleo Recipe Book?

This book just follows the diet and food choices of the Homo Sapien back in the Paleolithic period. There is nothing called shortcut here. The concept is simple- you eat healthy, you live healthy. There are endless Paleo books out there, but this one works for its simplicity. Most of the recipes can be made easily at home, and even if you follow the meal plan and the recipes for just 30 days, the results will be visible for all to see. While the Paleo food seems tough to consume initially and one might wonder how to make a perfect Paleo dinner, but the book will offer sumptuous recipes to keep the taste buds happy.

Advice On Buying

From where?

Keep in mind that some of the online stores are selling fake books in the name of this amazing product, so it’s advisable to buy from the official site only (see verdict section).


The official site has many currencies in which you can choose to buy the book. The price on the main website is just $25, which is the best buy you can ever get on the web and otherwise for making a quick Paleo menu!

What do you get?

You get the Main Recipe Book, with more than 270 recipes,  plus the following free bonuses:

  • An 8-Week Mean Plan (daily plans lined out for you)
  • A Paleo Dessert Book (15 extra desserts)
  • A Quick And Simple Paleo Meal Cookbook (30 more recipes)
  • A Herbs & Spices Guide (to further enhance the flavors)
  • Extra Cheat Sheets (4 sheets on troubleshooting paleo, flours & thickeners, portion sizes, and coconut milk)


The book comes with the guarantee, where you can ask for a full refund within 60 days from the day of purchase. There are no questions asked for the refund.


Any billing schedules?

The book has just an one-time cost of USD 25, which can be converted in a currency of your choice.

Payment Methods?

Payments can be made through card with varied payment gateways including PayPal, VISA, Diners Club, American Express, Mastercard and Discover among others, under secure ClickBank Guarantee payment for genuineness.

Our Verdict – Does It Really Work?

The Paleo Recipe Book is easily the best Paleo recipes you can find on this theme, not merely because it has so many recipes, but also because it never falters to inspire people to eat healthy.

Most of the ingredients are available at local stores, ensuring that you never have to rely on fast and junk food for quick hunger pangs.  For people who believe and want to follow healthy eating, it doesn’t get any better than this.


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