Lose Weight For Your Wedding Day

by Sam Richards on January 31, 2015. Updated February 21, 2015

Every woman wants to look radiant and beautiful for the most important day of her life which is her wedding day.  To lose weight for wedding is perhaps the biggest concern for all prospective brides.  The dress has to be perfect and to carry off the perfect dress the body has to be perfect.

To think that the most important moment when you are taking your vows and exchanging the ring, you are presenting your back to the congregation of guests, you would certainly want your butt and back to be perfect.

The pictures of your wedding will out-survive you and you certainly don’t want to look plump or overweight for posterity.

How to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

It is true that losing a few pounds can make you look better, but the choice is how to do it in a way that doesn’t make you look emaciated, tired or washed out. Wedding weight loss plans can be tricky to choose. Crash diets are definitely not the way to go for a bride to be. The sensible thing to do is to look for a diet and exercise plan that would be optimal for the weight loss you are targeting.

To be able to do so, you will have to start planning weeks if not months in advance. Avoid all kinds of fad diets, pills and other drastic measures that are available to people looking for quick weight loss. They can only help you in short term but if it is long terms benefits you are looking for then look elsewhere.

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight for Wedding?

You need to be careful when choosing a weight loss plan for your wedding. Weddings are stressful times and you certainly do not want to add to the stress level by depriving your body of nutrients it needs. The best thing you can do for yourself at this time is to consult an expert and follow the advice you receive. You can hire a personal trainer and go to a nutritionist to work out a diet and exercise plan that will help you get to the size you want. Please do have a realistic view of the amount of weight you wish to lose.

The optimum should be between 10 – 20 pounds.  Any more than this over a short period of time could be a serious health hazard. Dropping down a couple of dress sizes is what you should be looking at.

How to Make Sure that I Make a Beautiful Bride

Being a beautiful bride is as much about attitude as about the body. If you have a positive and cheerful outlook, it is bound to reflect on your appearance and bearing. Body is also important as it has to carry off that perfect wedding gown that you have got for the big day. To tone your body and take off those extra inches look for a diet and exercise plan which suit your weightloss goals.

There are plenty of these available so look around and talk about it with friends. Join a gym or a yoga studio or a running club to get some exercise. There is nothing like regular exercise to bring a glow to your face and tone up your body. If you work out with a personal trainer, then he or she can help you target the problem areas and get rid of the fat from your stomach, hips and thighs.

Do I Have to Follow a Diet to Lose Weight For Wedding?

Unfortunately yes, you do have to follow some kind of a diet plan to lose weight. If you do not wish to go to a nutritionist then you can take a look at what you are eating and try to reduce your calorie intake by about half. Eat smaller meals, choose foods that are low in calories, avoid too much of sugar and salt. Get into the habit of eating more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Picking salads for a meal is a good way to reduce your calorie intake, remember to take a salad dressing that contains no oil or mayonnaise.

Eating lean meats like fish and boiled chicken are a good option. Avoid red meats and cheese. Choose your drinks wisely, we forget that our drinks, except water, all contain calories that can mount up by the glass and add on to the inches. Inculcating good food habit is going to pay off for you throughout your life. Let your wedding be the initiative and the reason to start eating healthy and losing weight, but continue the habit throughout your life.

De-Stress Yourself to Be a Radiant Bride

Stress and lack of enough sleep can add on the pounds as the body goes into a survival mode and conserves energy. So get enough sleep every night. To look your best and be a picture perfect radiant bride, you need to take care of your mind as well as your body. Most brides focus only on looking good, and forget to feel good.

This is as important as your looks and plays a big role in how your wedding day turns out. Learn to destress yourself. One good way is to meditate. Dancing, singing, or listening to music are other ways to release stress. Now you are ready to walk down that alter looking your best.     Read this post to see how so many brides got to their ideal weight for their special days.

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